Estrade Finance Awards 2017

  • Gain recognition for your organization as leaders in business sustainability
  • Showcase your achievement by spreading the word about your success with your media contacts.
  • Highlight your organization’s success story through our winners’ comprehensive case-studies and videos
  • Make connections with peers and celebrate your team’s success at the invitation-only Gala Awards ceremony, which is the ideal setting to engage in sensational conversations about business experiences and insights

Not all those who strive, succeed. That’s where the role of Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards, 2017 comes in. It does not only acknowledge success but also recognizes various other qualities such as ability, struggle, effort and above all, excellence.

The Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards, 2017 are open to all organizations based across Asia-Pacific. Entering the awards exemplifies the perfect opportunity to boost your profile and be publically recognized for your innovative approach.

The Gala Award Ceremony shall bring the Who’s Who of the international finance community together under one roof, thus making it an event that will be penciled into the calendar of the community worldwide. 

Whether it is businesses - large or small or individuals in niche sectors, if you have an ingenious idea with the aptitude to transform the role of finance in business to achieve sustainable outcomes, enter now!

 Estrade Media Pte. Ltd. has set up a platform to bring all the stakeholders of the Indian Financial sector on one exclusive platform and recognize the value creators in this industry. Since 2014, Estrade Media Pte. Ltd., has been celebrating achievement and excellence in various sectors and recognizing companies at an international platform in Singapore.

A good financial foundation leads to great businesses overtime. Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards, 2017 would like to honor financial institutions in various sectors across India that are working around the clock to make sure India becomes a powerhouse financial economy in the years to come.

The Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards, 2017 will constitute of a round-table discussion on the ever-changing & growing Indian Financial sector thus creating networking and thought-leadership initiatives. The conclave will culminate in an awards celebration and an interactive networking cocktail event.

About Estrade

Estrade Media Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based, digital media editorial brand, operational in Singapore & Mumbai. We currently have two editorial brands Estrade and Onside. Launched in 2014, Estrade provides corporate news in the digital space, and helps to create a platform of diverse opportunities to Businesses and Corporate players striving to carve a niche out for themselves. The world of business is always in a flux, more so in the emerging economies of Asia, some of which such as India are among the fastest growing in the world. Estrade recognizes the efforts and innovation of companies operating in such up and coming economies, that are striving hard to make it in the forever evolving corporate sector.

Our endeavor is to provide a platform to a diversity of businesses in a wide spectrum of industries, such as, Real Estate, Building Materials, Education, Skill Development, Media, Automobiles, Finance, Technology, Lifestyle, Tourism and CSR, just to name a few. The company has been involved in the media and entertainment space since inception.

Estrade as a media house is dedicated to recognize the efforts of individuals and teams working behind the scenes to make their corporate entities reach the pinnacle of success. It is our endeavor that these teams’ success stories are shared in the public domain as case studies for the benefit of all. With this in focus, Estrade Media Pte. Ltd. successfully hosts national and international level events in the Real Estate, Building Material Utilities, Education and Skill Development industries.

Our mission is to reward business eminence, innovation and wisdom in all industries. To create a strong network of enterprising individuals and corporate entities that stands out in their respective areas of influence. And in the process, be always vigilant to harness untapped opportunities in the market.


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