Terms & Conditions

All Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards logos and all associated likeliness are the property of Radar Circle Media Pvt. Ltd., India. Logos are only allowed to be displayed (online, print or in any other format) with the express permission of Radar Circle Media Pvt. Ltd. subject to the granting of Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards licenses.

Nominated companies and Entrants are expressly forbidden from using any Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards logo. Logo Licenses are issued only to winners and highly-commended companies. Any other third-party use must be agreed upon in writing by Radar Circle Media Pvt. Ltd.

Radar Circle Media Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw permission to display any Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards License if it considers its display damaging to the Estrade Awards brand.

The logo must not be altered or changed in any way. The following correct display guidelines are to be complied with:

  • Do not alter or make additions to the logo
  • Do not use other typefaces in conjunction with the logo
  • Do not combine the logo with illustrations or graphics
  • Do not change the colour of the logo

Receiving an award does not imply any endorsement of a product or service by Radar Circle Media Pvt. Ltd., Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards (owned by Radar Circle Media Pvt. Ltd.) Any of the sponsors or judges will not provide written endorsements of the property/properties or company/companies beyond their qualification as an award winner.

The qualification is based entirely on the entry presented to the judging panel. Persons or their appointed agents who wish to purchase an award-winning property should seek professional and legal advice before entering into an agreement to purchase. These awards in no way indemnify the buyer or the seller, or offer any form of guarantee. Radar Circle Media Pvt. Ltd, sponsors and judges of the Estrade Finance Conclave & Awards shall not enter into any correspondence concerning a winning company or property. Also, the Judges shall not enter into any correspondence regarding the awards beyond their issued statement.

The Judges and the Organizers reserve the right to withdraw any award if a project is not completed in accordance with the timeframe of the eligibility criteria or if successful legal action is taken against a company which retroactively invalidates information provided on their entry form.


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